The lost continent. It is called such due to the enormous amount of ruins that have been discovered there. There is much to learn, however, of the land's dark interior. Xen'drik represents great opportunities to the peoples of Khorvaire, but also great danger.

The History

Tens of thousands of years ago, a civilization of giants ruled all of Xen'drik. They were thought to have learned magic from the dragons, and used it to build a mighty empire. At their heels were the elves, who performed slave labor. Today's Aerenal and Valenar elves claim that these elves were their ancestors. Some time during the height of the giants' power, a race of psionic beings known as the Quori invaded Eberron from their own plane, and after years of battle, the giants called upon great and terrible magics to repel the invaders. They succeeded, but the magic began to tear apart the very continent. Horrible plagues and strange curses swept the land, and the giants were all but wiped out. It is thought that a group of elves escaped north across the sea and founded what is now known as Aerenal. What happened thereafter in Xen'drik is largely unknown, and in the last hundred years or so, mankind has started to make efforts to explore this forgotten land.

The Land

Xen'drik lies due south of the continent of Khorvaire (which all of you call home), across the Thunder Sea. Sea travel (even by air) can be very dangerous, due to the area known as Shargon's Teeth. This reef-filled strait is also known for terrible storms that give the sea its name. The charted areas (mostly coastal at this point) are jungles, dotted by ancient ruins of the shattered civilization of giants. The continent is said to stretch south until arctic tundras take over. The interior of the land is very poorly charted, if at all. In fact the only place where maps have any value is near the area of Stormreach (more on Stormreach below).

The People

Xen'drik is home to many indigenous races, the most common being the drow and the giants. Both cultures are savage by Khorvairian standards.

The drow, dark-skinned cousins of the Aerenal, remained behind when the giant civilization fell. They know their lands very well and make little contact with other peoples. They are known to travel in small bands and have few known permanent settlements.

Xen'drik is also home to the giants. No longer a great civilization, today's giants are a mere shadow of what the race probably was. Many tribes are still thought to dwell on the continent, and some even trade with the people of Stormreach. Many others, however, are said to be more hostile the further in you go.


Stormreach is the gateway to Xen'drik. Being the only port-of-call on the continent, it sees its fair share of explorers. Stormreach started as a pirate haven, but has grown from those beginnings to a full fledged city, whose occupants come from every corner of Khorvaire. The city itself is independent, owned by no nation, though all major governments, as well as all of the dragonmarked Houses, have at least a minor presence there. Stormreach is run by a group of hereditary nobles known as the Coin Lords.

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