Sashi's background info

GM Note: formerly titled "some confidential information", renamed to be less ambiguous

Note: The following are subjects that Sashi never even alludes to. She might mention her family at times, but nary a word on her old beaus. Unless it comes out somehow this is just for entertainment and GM information.


The History of Sashi:
Pertaining primarily to her love affairs (all two of them)

Part 1: Aundair

When Sashi was 16 and living with her family in Fairhaven she met a young half-elf who was lost and asked her for help. They hit it off immediately and soon were spending as much time as they could spare together. His name was Phelan. Having seen for herself how strict her parents had been with her older sister when it came to boys she followed her example and started sneaking out at night to spend time with Phelan. It wasn’t long before she lost her virginity to the charming half-elf. However, she couldn’t keep her parents in the dark forever and after a few months Sashi came clean about the young man she was seeing. Her parents grilled her, of course, but Sashi didn’t actually know all that much about him besides that they were madly in love. He had told her he was in Fairhaven looking for work, living on his own. He hadn’t wanted to talk about his family and Sashi had never pressed the matter. She hadn’t felt like she needed to know every last detail about him and had been quite enjoying the mysterious aspect of things. Her parents, however, felt differently and set about finding out who this young man was. What they discovered was alarming. Phelan was actually Phelan d’Lyrandar. All hell then broke loose.


It turned out that Phelan had run away from Stormhome. When confronted by Sashi’s parents he told them he felt no calling for either of the Raincallers or Windwrights Guilds and had fled before being forced into one of them by his family who was high in the House hierarchy and very strict. He only made it as far as Fairhaven, though, where meeting Sashi had made him stop running. He professed great love for Sashi, so great that he had felt he had no control over himself and had been unable to stay away even when he had discovered that she was d’Cannith. He tried to take all the blame for the forbidden affair, cursing his own weakness and insisting that Sashi was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Word was sent to House Lyrandar and her parents then broke the news to Sashi. She was devastated, especially when it was made clear to her that she could never see him again – neither House would allow it. She had gathered from the way her parents had interrogated her sister when they caught her out at night that relations between blooded members of different houses was a bad thing, but her parents hadn’t yet gotten around to explaining why. They made up for that now, explaining how it was important to keep the dragonmarks pure and avoid the possibility of aberrant marks turning up. No one wanted another War of the Mark.

In the end, the young lovers were forcibly separated, not even being allowed to say goodbye or correspond again in any way. There were large sighs of relief that Sashi had not become pregnant. Her parents tried to keep the matter within their family but in the end they were forced by the House Lyrandar representatives to report the situation to Jorlanna d’Cannith. Sashi got off fairly lightly however, as all agreed that she was too young to be held fully accountable despite her insistence that she could have asked him if he was from a dragonmarked house but hadn’t so therefore it was partly her fault too.

What followed was misery for both Sashi and Phelan. Unbeknownst to her, Phelan was sent to a House Lyrandar outpost in Valenar where he was trained in the Windwrights Guild and eventually placed on a ship. Sashi suffered a number of stern lectures and was promised that her House would be keeping its eye on her for some time to come. Her parents certainly watched her closely during the months of her mourning as she had fallen into a full-blown teenage angst-ridden state of despair. But after half a year Sashi decided she’d had enough self pity and put it behind her, returning to her old cheerful and carefree self. The family agreed never to mention the affair and by age 18 Sashi had regained her parents’ trust.

Sashi takes strongly after her father, Cheren, more so than her older sister (Ishana) and two older brothers (Berke and Tegus) despite not being marked as her father and Tegus, the eldest, are. Her father was and still is an outgoing high-spirited sorceror and a bit of a rogue in House Cannith (partly because he is neither a wizard nor an artificer). Her mother, Lukina, on the other hand, is a hard working wizard who joined the house when she married Cheren after going out on several expeditions with the dashing sorceror. She was never a great beauty but her sweet disposition and good sense of humor won Cheren over completely. In both looks and spirit Sashi takes after her father and is thus his favorite. The other children all became wizards and now work for the House in Fairhaven. Berke (two years older than Sashi) enjoys the bachelor’s life while the others have married and started their own households.

Just after Sashi’s 20th birthday her father decided to send her to Sharn where she could escape the watchful eyes of the Fairhaven Cannith and strike out on her own adventures. He considers the possibility of her running across Phelan again to be very small and even if she did he trusts her now to not fall into temptation.

Part 2: Sharn

In Sharn, armed with a letter of introduction from her father, Sashi took up residence in a sizable House Cannith enclave. The structure of the place is similar to a dormitory with each member having his or her own small quarters and common dining facilities. In this situation where a lot of young House members of both sexes interact on a daily basis affairs are common and make great fodder for the gossip mill.


Not long after her arrival Sashi was charmed (“pounced upon,” she would say) by a handsome young artificer named Reid from one of the more distant branches of the House. Enjoying her new freedom Sashi happily entered into an affair with him and was quite content for a good three months. At first she didn’t notice when she gradually began to see less of him. She was busy herself, after all. When together things seemed just as fun and easy as ever and she didn’t worry. But meanwhile, word began to get around that Reid was cheating on her with more than one other girl. Some of the more catty enclave members began to make fun of her behind her back, aided by Reid himself providing all sorts of misinformation about Sashi. It was a great topic for the grapevine. Finally, one of the nicer girls told Sashi what was going on. At first she was shocked and hurt, but then she became furious. She vowed to get back at him for humiliating her and treating her so poorly.

To start with, she had it out with him and dropped him in the most public way she could: in the middle of dinner in the dining hall – and she did it very loudly too, making a great scene. Satisfied that there was now little chance he could try to send around his own story of their breakup she set about getting revenge by making his life as hellish as possible. She made a number of fliers describing various potentially embarrassing things about him that once posted could not be removed without saying the command word (“Asshole”). She enchanted small objects that would say things like, “Reid is a dirty rat!” whenever someone walked by them and hid them all over the place. She also went around getting as many girls as she could to sign a petition agreeing not to sleep with Reid because he was a big jerk and then posted that as well. Eventually (about two months before Sashi joined the party) Reid was transferred out of Sharn. He claimed it was by special request of an important artificer, but many suspected that he had begged to go elsewhere because of Sashi’s torture. Sashi gained the reputation of being cheerful and friendly, but also hell when crossed.

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