These are Non-Player Characters that your party has met (or at least has knowledge of) in their travels.

Lord Elliott Viorr
The group's employer. Has an unspecified government/dignitary position with Breland, and recently retired from the merchant business. Rumor has it he was once a member of the King's Dark Lanterns, a pseudo-secret Brelish protection agency. Egg refers to him as "Captain Viorr".

Warforged artificer. Former adventurer, and founding member of the Iron Wolves Expeditionary Company. Maintains a fully stocked artificer's laboratory at Iron Wolves HQ in Sharn.

Skiff driver in Sharn. Repeatedly takes the group around town on their errands. Has an ear to the ground, i.e. "I know a guy who knows a guy" for many city-related affairs. Claims to have several children.

Middle-aged human woman, who works at the tavern at First Tower.

Owner/operator of First Tower's one and only general store.

"Fixer" Logan
A changeling working as a horse groomer (and as a fence) at First Tower. Claims to have trafficked goods to the Cult of the Dragon Below operating from an abandoned tower near First Tower, but no longer does business with them after a disagreement. (Dailin's Notes: Should remain on the 'may kill' list; Alystia seconds this motion)

A House Cannith supervisor whose facility was nearly robbed by Paige d'Phiarlan. Though not a member of the d'Cannith family proper, Mae has served the House for many years and is well respected among House members in Breland. Has some skill as both a wizard and an artificer.

Notable Crew of the Second Chance

Cesar Cyllian
The Captain of the Second Chance. A brave, dashing human man in his upper 30's to lower 40's, he has worked for Lord Viorr in the past. Might have a thing for Sashi.

A young half-elven woman, she is rather introverted and prefers to let the Captain do the talking. She recently manifested a dragonmark that allows her to serve as the ship's helmswoman.

The Captain's orcish security officer matches him pound for pound in courage. He also mans the ship's lone ballista, and is a capable swordsman.

The Second Chance's chief engineer has extensive knowledge of the ship's architecture and operations, and uses his skills as a magewright to keep things running well. Tends to hide if a fight breaks out on deck, though.

Paige d'Phiarlan
A young elven woman whose father is one of the richest men in Sharn. Although she will never have to work a day in her life, Paige has apparently decided that robbing House Cannith facilities is more fun than the dilettante lifestyle. Unapologetic and catty, Paige is actually skilled enough in rogue-ish ways to break into secure facilities on her own, and might have got away with it if it weren't for those meddling adventurers. After serving some time in a Sharn jail, she was hired by Cesar as a crew member of the Second Chance.

Warforged mercenary currently living in Sharn. Formerly worked as a bodyguard for Lord Viorr. Recently participated in a plot to kill Lord Viorr in his home. Skilled with a halberd. Was hired by Cesar as a crew member of the Second Chance.

Xen'Drik Personalities

Yorrick Amanatu
One of the five Coin Lords, a group of hereditary nobles that rules Stormreach. He is a very old dwarf who still has a lot of vigor left in him. He is another of Lord Viorr's old friends. Yorrick's responsibilities in the city primarily consist of efforts to uphold the law and keep things running smoothly. He is the head of the Stormreach Guard. He also maintains an impressive collection of exotic weapons and armors.

Hill giant warrior of the Whiteskull Clan who helped the party kill a rampaging Bulette. He brought Alystia's horse to Stormreach following the party's disappearance and left him in Ruya's care.

This very large green dragon is the chieftan of the Whiteskull Clan. He wears white warpaint on his face and body in a style similar to the warriors in his tribe. He protects the clan from external threats in the jungle, and also is a scholar of the Prophecy. After the Obsidian City disaster, Whiteskull has moved the tribal grounds to a new, unknown location.

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