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Alystia won't let me keep the castle. She's mean.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 30 Jun 2010 16:58


Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 30 Jun 2010 16:58

Wood - burns
Glass - bubbles
Stone - crumbles
Water - boils
Metal - melts
Cloth - incinerates
Grass - withers
Flesh - sears
Bone - chars

And yet, people still insult those who can tame fire to their will and unleash it at their whim.


People are dumb.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 21 Nov 2009 18:54

Xivian has been set to his task. So much time wasted in travel. I really must see about developing a portable library.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 17 Nov 2009 02:36
Ruya's Spell Research by ZyanyaZyanya, 16 Nov 2009 23:43

Xivian is cataloging the samples, Beagal is drafting copies for father. I should have done this ages ago.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 03 Nov 2009 01:05

The Wand of Shield is arcane magic and may not work so well in Zeffan's hands.

Re: From Session 31 by quentanquentan, 22 Oct 2009 20:41
Item Worth Zeffan Wrench Alystia Ruya Party Loot
Arcane Scroll: Bear's Endurance 150 150
Arcane Scroll: Contact other Plane 1125 1125
Banded Mail +1 1400 1400
Caustic Veil (MIC p.212) 2000 2000
Counterstrike Bracers (MIC p.90) 2500 2500
Demolition Crystal (Least) (MIC p.65) 1000 1000
Divine Scroll: Harm 1650 1650
Divine Scroll: Wind Walk 1650 1650
Elixir of Fire Breath 1100 1100
Eternal Wand: Shield 820 820
Fiendslayer Crystal (Least) (MIC p.65) 1000 1000
Gloves of the Starry Sky (MIC p.204) 1100
Hat of Disguise 1800 1800
Potion of Haste 750 750
Pouch of 4 Daylight Pellets (MIC p.156) 600 600
Rhino Elixir 1600 1600
Studded Leather +1 1175 1175
Wand: See Invisibility (13 charges left) 1170 1170
Gold Coin 5300
flawless emerald (1,200gp) 1200
violet garnet (300gp) 300
carved granite cup (300gp) 300
Silver Coin 1000
Total 30690 5820 2750 5900 4445 2575
Re: From Session 31 by ZyanyaZyanya, 22 Oct 2009 19:11

Ruya will note that there is about 30690 worth off stuff (at full price). Everyone's 'share' should be 7672.5. Coin should be divvied accordingly considering what folks got in magical items.

Re: From Session 31 by ZyanyaZyanya, 22 Oct 2009 19:07

The team is starting to learn to work together. It's amazing how much smoother things go when everyone does what I tell them. Now if only Zeffan would get over his unhealthy phallic obsession with his sword. He's much more useful when he's casting spells.

Such a find! Pity it had such dangerous potential. But it would have been irresponsible to leave such so near travel lines, especially when we already knew they would attack the rail. I'm pretty sure there was some stuff about responsibility in that whole honor business, and since we are going on an honor mission for Alystia's family's honor I guess we should strive for honor and all that. I'll have to ask Alystia about it.

At least I had time to sketch the murals and the ritual circle for further study. I shall copy the sketches and have Captain One-Eye take them back to Sharn with a note requesting his lordship send them and some of the samples to father. Father may be able to isolate some of the effects and find a good use for them.

I divided up the magical items in the most sensible fashion. Zeffan and Alystia are better suited to some of the more valuable items, so when we discuss treasure Wrench and I should get larger shares of the coin. Tis only fair.

I think I may have unlocked a few magical secrets, and I'm anxious to try them out. If I'm right, I may be able to learn even more potent spells, and that, I'm afraid, will cost some pretty pennies. I wonder, if I dominated Zeffan along with our new friend, how much they could earn per hour? I suppose it would depend on the right tavern.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 19 Oct 2009 15:51
From Session 31
ZyanyaZyanya 19 Oct 2009 14:29
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Ruya is claiming:

Wand: See Invisibility (13 charges left)
Arcane Scroll: Contact other Plane
Arcane Scroll: Bear's Endurance

She will hand each of you a pile of magical items and tell you what they do (see email) and that whichever of them you don't want can be party loot.

From Session 31 by ZyanyaZyanya, 19 Oct 2009 14:29
Session 24 Loot
ZyanyaZyanya 23 Feb 2009 03:40
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Party Loot

cloudy gray potion (1600) Rhino Elixer
medium-sized light mace (2312) Mace +1
divine scroll: dismissal (700)
chain of glittering fire opals (2000) Phoenix Ash, Lesser
thick leather gloves with iron links (1000) Brawler's Gloves
simple silver sphere, 4 inches in diameter (1500) Hammersphere

8000 of gold and gems for - 1600 each
12042 of stuff that sells at half price for - 2408 each

Zeffan took - Hammersphere and scroll
Wrench took - Brawler's Gloves
Alystia took - Phoenix Ash and Rhino Elixer
Ruya took - no magic
Sashi took - no magic

Session 24 Loot by ZyanyaZyanya, 23 Feb 2009 03:40

I'm keeping a record of events, brother, just as you recommended. You chose this island well. I will enjoy my stay here, I'm sure. The weather has been fair, and I have had much time to meditate on the Prophecy. I'm learning much in the solitude, though I miss the company Io'Lokar offered.

There was a disturbance off the coast this evening. It could have been a quake, as it rattled the island briefly. On a brief flyby it appeared there was a whirlpool forming to the northeast. I will study it further in the morning.

I awoke today and discovered after a look at the stars that 3 days have passed. How could I slumber for so long? I must have eaten or I would be famished by now. But I also feel ill. What does this mean?

Strange, I do not even remember writing the last few entries here. There is something wrong with me, I know it now. Something bubbles over from under my scales, and it is very irritating. It is hard to even move. I managed to get to the surface and saw a band of sahuagin there, a team of them pulling a human vessel on board. The creatures cowered in my presence and pushed a pair of human sailors in my direction, as perhaps an offering.

I blacked out again at that point and now I am back in my lair.

I tried a ritual today to attempt to fix my condition. I do not think it worked. I can't tell time anymore. Flying out of the question. I can hear the sahuagin, they are in the chambers now, chattering at each other. They looked to me expectantly, as if waiting for something. I managed to scare them off, but even moving out of my pool is difficult.

Tired, must rest…

Bronze Dragon's journal by quentanquentan, 11 Feb 2009 17:47

The loot found in Session 24 (Dragon Isle of Doom) has been posted, albeit unidentified:

Party Loot

Session 4 Loot posted by quentanquentan, 11 Feb 2009 17:27

Note to self - Learn some magic to assist in understanding various languages. Also, make more scrolls. Learn more of Tsochar.

That trick you taught me came in handy, Rasui. I learned a bit more about my companions. Wrench gets nervous easily. Alystia is honest, presenting no false face to the world. Sashi is apparently afraid of water. And there is really nothing to Zeffan.

The battle was made easier by use of the thought reading. I wish we could have saved the dragon. I fear it was already dead before we entered the cave, a mere puppet of flesh. A pity, I remember you speaking of the time you rode one. I could almost feel the wind in my hair when you spoke of that adventure. Has it really only been six months? I still feel cold at night.

Time passes. Petty squabbles no longer interest me. These silly games people play waste time and possibly lives. Those who will not lead must resign themselves to follow or fade away. We saved lives. Perhaps we could have saved more, had we been faster. The space of an hour could have made the difference between those poor people living as humans or dying as unnatural beasts enslaved to Them.

I cannot do this alone, Rasui. How dare you go on and leave me here, without you? I know, I promised. I will keep that promise. For now I shall Travel. Maybe someday I'll figure out just where the hell I am going. I miss you, my love.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 11 Feb 2009 04:01

Life goes on, as it ever has, as it ever was. The small group I once hunted rats with, the one that went missing, has been found. The gardener is going to miss the horse, but it does belong to Alystia.

Much has happened in these past two years. They seem to think it should all remain unchanged, as they have. Yet for two years chaos has ruled, sending forth it's terrible beasts. Friends have been made, and friends have been lost. The years have left their marks upon us, visible and otherwise.

The fight goes on, and there are still those I need to kill.

Re: Ruya's Journal by ZyanyaZyanya, 18 Jan 2009 03:22

Ok, added two pearls back to the HH and subtracted 200 gp from the funds (so, went from 1536 to 1336 gp).

Re: ID costs by seismosumpseismosump, 17 Jan 2009 02:02

Lordy am I exhausted! But I’m done working on stuff for the time being, which is good because I am out of funds again. I perhaps stupidly suggested to Alystia that I could take the mithril circlet we found and make her an item to make her even more graceful and sure footed than she already is. I just like punishment, I guess (plus, she’s been so nice – keeping me company despite my blue mood these days). I am going to take a day off, tho’, and start it on the airship the day after tomorrow. And that means I am going to have to ask the captain for workspace again. The very thought makes me cringe in anticipated awkwardness. And no, I haven’t heard a word from him for the entire 24 days I’ve been here working. Not that I really expected to, but still. Oh sure, I could have sent a message to him myself, but I am sure it would have just ended up sounding pathetic. Besides, I volunteered to make him an 8000 gp custom magic item at my own expense - what more do I have to do to indicate 'hey, I like you'?!

Our trip back to Sharn – looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. Odd feeling. I kind of want to throw up, actually.

Finally done, for now... by seismosumpseismosump, 17 Jan 2009 01:38

And he’s FABULOUS! Still purple, also. Took 2000 gp worth of supplies and another pint of blood out of me, but he’s back and raring to go. This is Bruce, version 2, or SUPER BRUCE. Can’t wait to see him in action. He is significantly improved after his time in the purple place, but the effect is not entirely settled yet. I may see more changes.

I am pleased, but also tired as hell. Fifteen straight days of work without a break and more yet to go. I am going to power up Alystia’s armor and make a little item for myself – 9 more days. I’ll just keep plugging along. I think everyone else is getting antsy to be going. Simmer down, I say. This stuff takes time.

Bruce is back! by seismosumpseismosump, 17 Jan 2009 00:38

It’s done. I used one of the alexandrite jewels we found, just smoothing it into a spherical shape. I hope he likes it. I kinda feel like I might have forced the idea on him. I mean, at first he was acting like being down one eye was not a big deal and not worth the effort of doing something about. Ok, I do admit that the eye patch lends its own certain piratical charm (and I even said something to that effect at the time), but I think I would be pretty damn upset if I lost an eye. Depth perception, people – you need two eyes for that. We went all over that in class when we learned about making homunculi.

At least I didn’t really spend eight days crying, haha. Focusing on work is a good distraction. Anyway, next up is Bruce. I estimate a week of work for him.

Oh, I should also note that it turned out Alystia's horse has been at Ruya's this whole time. Tanok brought him here and has been keeping an eye on him. Alystia has been so relieved. However, he's gotten quite fat in her absence (the horse, not the giant - well, maybe the giant also). She's started on getting him back into shape (again, the horse, not the giant - Tanok left anyway).

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