Current Members (4th edition campaign):

Current Members (3rd edition campaign):

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Previous Members:

  • Maluuc - goblin swordsage from Sharn (killed in action)
  • Tubby - gnome sorcerer from Zilargo (left due to irreconcilable differences - and rejoined in the 4th ed. campaign!)
  • Bantum - gnome artificer from Zilargo (ditto)
  • Sudaj - human cleric of the Silver Flame, from Thrane (now on other assignments)
  • Esdras - elf ranger from Valenar (returned to his homeland after finding Alystia)
  • Kelly Riverport - human fighter, a displaced Cyrian from New Cyre (now on other assignments)
  • Dailin - elf druid from Aerenal (Killed by a purple nurple)
  • Daleka - hobgoblin archivist from Darguun (Killed by the Plague Rats gang in Stormreach)
  • Sashi - returned to her studies
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