• Race: Changeling
  • Class: Rogue / Favored Soul
  • Nickname: Zeff
  • Country/Region of Origin: Sharn
  • Profession: Former assassin, current healer


Zeffan, or Zeff, who has lived in Sharn all of his life and has never traveled outside of the city, was starting along in the path of most Changelings, namely becoming a rogue and worshipping The Traveler. He never felt comfortable in this role, however, especially the tendency toward deceit and more evil deeds. In addition, since his childhood he had been plagued by dreams of a man, but no one he recognized. He spent much of his time trying to shift into the form of the man, but he could only remember bits and pieces from his dreams, almost as if parts of the man had been hidden from him. Eventually, he was able to put those pieces together, forming the visage of a god…namely, Dol Dorn.

There were a few among the Changelings who were knowledgeable of Dol Dorn, including his father, and he began to question Zeff about his intentions. While Changelings accept the taking of other forms as a means to an end, or even an aspiration toward perfection, those followers of The Traveler became increasingly distrustful of Zeff. At the same time, Zeff became increasingly aware of his different attitudes, as well as feeling the rumblings of power within him that he could not understand or control.

Completely confused, he took an extreme chance and sought guidance from an unnamed cleric in the Church of the Sovereign Host, who told him of the teachings of Dol Dorn and the other deities in the Host. Zeff felt his connection with Dol Dorn growing, and soon decided to abandon his career path and embrace both Dol Dorn and what he considered to be his destiny. Through prayer, he and the cleric were able to ascertain that Zeff's connection with Dol Dorn was inherent and extremely powerful. He suggested that Zeff study to become a cleric of Dol Dorn, but somehow he knew that he would not fit in with the other clerics in the church. While he was rebelling from many aspects of his Changeling heritage, he remained somewhat of a loner and free spirit, and felt that he would be better suited to connect with Dol Dorn in his own way, rather that being tied down with years of study and discipline. He pledged his allegiance and devotion to Dol Dorn and his church, but would not become a cleric.

Through his own experimentation and introspection, he became a weapon of Dol Dorn, and seeks opportunities to fight against evil and those who would oppose his god. He also bears animosity toward other Changelings, especially those who continue to follow a path of evil. He recognizes that he treads a fine line between good and evil, in that he can use many of the same tactics as his brethren to accomplish his goals, but believes that the ends justify the means.


Zeffan is a slender man of medium height, who vaguely reminds you of someone you have met before. On second glance, something appears to be not quite right with him, though you can't exactly determine what is causing you to feel that way. He is somewhat reserved and quiet, but always appears to be very attentive to his surroundings, almost as if he is listening for something very important. Dressed in a mithril chain shirt and carrying a sturdy longsword, his face is expressionless.


Coming from a race of loners, who are distrusted by non-Changelings almost as much as they distrust each other, Zeff comes across as dour and an isolationist. He has a difficult time getting along with others, with the possible exception of Warforged, whom he believes have experienced similar biases and prejudices as he has in his lifetime. He balances between his relationship with Dol Dorn and his instinctual leanings toward roguish behavior.


The Book of Zeffan.


Zeffan, a Changeling in his true form.
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