• Race: Warforged
  • Class: Warblade 7
  • Nickname: Wrench
  • Country/Region of Origin:
  • Profession: Smasher


Warforged C-D-134 walked out of Cyran Creation Forge D, was handed an axe, and moved with his newly created battalion to the front lines against Kaarnath. 2 weeks later, Cyre was destroyed in the Day of Mourning. Eventually, his battalion was hired by Breland, and he fought until the end of the war on many different fronts. After the war, he wandered in Sharn for a year, before finding work as muscle in the Cogs, where he used a giant wrench to keep the machinery tight. The name Wrench stuck, and he still wields the tool today, only more for breaking things down than maintaining them.


I eye your character up and down. What do I see?


Wrench will shorten your name, and don't be surprised if he shortens it to one letter. He doesn't mind the near constant squabbling of his companion meatsacks, unless it gets in the way of action. No. He minds. He was made to smash, and smash he will.


Wrench Writes!


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