• Race: Human
  • Class: Artificer 9
  • Nickname: none
  • Country/Region of Origin: Aundair
  • Profession: House Cannith Artificer


Sashi is a member of House Cannith. She came to Sharn about a year ago - er, make that THREE years ago now - and has been working with the Warforged Artificer known as Egg. She likes to make things, and she likes to make them pleasing to the eye as well as practical. For more juicy info see this.


She is an attractive young human about five and half feet in height with black hair and sparkling grey eyes set in a face that is open and often full of curiosity. Usually her long hair is held out of her eyes in two ponytails perched high on the back of her head, though lately she has taken to wearing only one ponytail, sometimes braiding it also. A pair of goggles sits on her head at all times. Like the rest of her armor and clothing, the leather portion of the goggles has been worked into an intricate geometric design. All of her clothing is in shades of blue, purple and black. She carries a light crossbow, a dagger, and a few wands tucked into a snazzy leather wand belt.

Accompanying her is a small lithe-looking homunculus about 2 feet in height, known as Bruce. Bruce is PURPLE in color and humanoid in construction. Sharp looking spikes cover his arms and lower legs, and his hands and feet bear sharp claws. His head is crowned with larger darker spikes giving him the appearance of having a head of wildly spiky hair. Surprisingly, his face is rather cute with beady black eyes and a little mouth that reveals sharp little teeth on the occasions when Bruce "smiles". He is clad in a blue studded leather vest along with black suede knee breeches and blue spiked leather wristbands and collar. The designs on the leather match those of his owner.


Sashi is generally cheerful and possesses (or perhaps suffers from) a great curiosity about the world and those that inhabit it. However, scoldings and experience have taught her that there are occasions when that curiosity should be hidden so she usually takes care to assess a situation before indulging in her curiosity. She is highly intelligent though with an artistic bent. Sometimes her reactions are delayed as she takes the time to calculate the best course to take, weighing all the pros and cons, probabilities, timing/duration, etc..


Sashi's Notes


sashi.jpg Super_Bruce2.png
Sashi with goggles And… SUPER BRUCE
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