Daleka Valdis Cairnbinder
  • Race:Hobgoblin
  • Class: Archivist
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  • Player's IM - KeresM


Daleka previously served as a soldier in a unit that was nearly wiped out by an aberration. She has since devoted herself to the study of aberrations and their weaknesses.


Daleka stands at just over six feet tall, and is solidly built. She wears her reddish-black hair in a single thick braid that hangs just past her shoulders, and has woven several odd fetishes into the braid. Her eyes gleam yellow from beneath heavy ridges, and the burnt orange skin of her face shows several faint scars. She wears a chainmail shirt and blood-red tunic over black leather breeches. From her braided leather belt hang several more fetishes, a scalp of some kind, some feathers, a black leather spell component pouch, and a light byeshk mace. She does wear a holy symbol.


Daleka is a soldier. She is also a priest, though she prefers to lead by example rather than to preach. She has nothing but contempt for those who shirk their responsibilities, even if the responsibility is only to themselves.


Daleka's Journal


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