Alystia Delathas
  • Race: Valenar Elf
  • Class: Ranger6/Fighter1/RevenantBlade1
  • Nickname: Aly, but only Wrench can call her this safely
  • Country/Region of Origin: Valenar
  • Profession: Kicking your ass


Alystia is a Valenar Elf ranger who finds herself far from her homeland. Due to a series of betrayals and plots within her warband, she found herself ousted, stripped of her title and honor, and exiled in shame. She made her way to Sharn, where she is currently in the employ of Lord Viorr, though she is still seeking the path to redeem her honor.


Alystia is lithe and muscular and stands 4'10" tall. Garbed in traditional Valenar clothing, her piercing green eyes are all that you can see from behind her zaelta (spirit mask, or veil*). She wears her red hair in two long braids down her back. She carries a number of weapons, her most prized her Valenar double scimitar.

* If you ever were to see her without the veil, her intense expression is mirrored on her face, which would be beautiful, but is marred by the fact that her nose has been broken at some time in the past.


Alystia is a no-nonsense warrior. She does not tolerate any tomfoolery and has very little patience with the niceties of so-called refined culture. She has a highly attuned sense of honor. Her manner tends to be brusque and direct. She is extremely loyal to those she considers friends, and is an implacable foe to those she considers enemies.


Alystia's Journal


alystia.png alystia_port.jpg
Alystia on a normal day Alystia with no veil
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