This page represents the party's first hand knowledge of various creatures they have battled. Feel free to add additional notes.

Beholder, Lesser
A smaller variant of this deadly aberration has a dangerous arsenal of eye rays to use on its opponents. The eye rays are capable of the following known effects: ray of exhaustion, inflict moderate wounds, scorching ray. Its main eye can also stun enemies who meet its gaze. (Alystia's notes: these eyebags are quite annoying whilst living, much prefer them boxed for delivery)

Also called Landsharks, these enormous beasts are particularly nasty and voracious, eating whatever it can catch before moving on. It can burrow through earth and prefers to ambush its prey from underneath. Not particularly bright.

Caryatid Column
An alabaster statue of a robed woman wielding a sword, that can come to life under certain conditions. Usually placed as guardians. The statue's surface is so hard that even masterwork weapons can shatter when used to strike it.

They look like emaciated hobgoblins, with two long tentacles sprouting from behind their shoulder blades, and hollow eye sockets. They move quickly and try to grapple their opponents with their tentacles. Vulnerable to byeshk weaponry.

Essentially, two goblins smashed into one creature. This results in a hunchbacked four-armed creature with two mouths. They are not terribly intelligent but are able to wield multiple weapons simultaneously with some degree of skill. A few seem capable of using low-level magic. Byeshk weapons are particularly effective against them.

Elemental, Storm
These semi-intelligent beings are hard to distinguish from storm clouds from a distance. They knock their victims about with thunderclaps and lightning blasts, and their airy nature makes them difficult to damage.

Giant, Hill
Hulking brutes that, while dim-witted, have enough sense of self-preservation that keeps them dangerous and at times crafty. Very dangerous in melee situations. (Dailin's Notes: Apparently smarter then changelings, but vulnerable both to puppies and lightning)

Gibbering Mouther
A foul amorphous abomination, with many small eyes and mouths covering its body. In addition to attaching itself to you and sucking out your life-juices, it is also capable of firing acidic spittle at short range and can cause temporary confusion to those around it with its constant gibbering as it oozes into battle. Bludgeoning weapons are particularly effective at splattering them to bits. (Alystia's Notes: Yuck.)

These winged savage humanoids gather in small tribes in the jungles of Xen'Drik. They fight on the wing and prefer hit-and-run maneuvers to wear out their prey.

A carnivorous dungeon-dweller that can not only pose as a treaure chest to lure unwary explorers, but can take the shape of many other objects as well, given preparation. Are capable of speaking in the Common tongue. (Alystia's Notes: Apparently find grumpy Aerenal in death masks particularly tasty)

Since the Last War, minotaurs have been seen outside Droaam and the Demon Wastes, serving as mercenaries, bodyguards, and laborers. They are incredibly strong, and tend to have a bad temper. They prefer to make an initial charge into combat, making use of their horns to break enemy lines. (Alystia's notes: packs a hard wallop for a walking side of beef — still, not as big and bad as one might expect)

This aberration looks like a large, hairless wolf. Its head and serpentine neck emerge from the center of its back. In addition to a vicious bite, the runehound can vomit a glob of goo that can entangle foes, as well as streams of acid. As with many aberrations, they are vulnerable to byeshk weaponry. (Alystia's notes: WTF?)

Skeleton, Karrnathi
More intelligent than a typical animated skeleton, these undead retain some basic knowledge of tactics and tend to use superior armaments. The nation of Karrnath developed these warriors during the Last War, and are still used in civil defense to this day.

This reptilian flier feeds on whatever it can catch, including the creamy filling of airships. It has no eyes but has a form of echolocation similar to bats. It can make very loud noises that cause damage in and of themselves. (Alystia's notes: Loud, doesn't seem particular in its foraging, if one notes choice of victims)

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