Note: The items appearing on this page are stored in a secure House Kundarak safe deposit box in Sharn. Items may not be added to or deleted from this page without an in-character visit to the bank.

The bank contents at this point should be considered empty and liquidated

45 pp
2928 gp
4052 sp
96 cp

jasper (worth 50 gp)
bloodstone (worth 50gp)
jasper (worth 50gp)
obsidian (worth 11gp)
clear quartz (worth 80gp)
deep green spinel (90gp)
sardonix (60gp)

onyx (30 gp)
piece of citrine (70 gp)
piece of amber (60 gp)
onyx sphere (700 gp)
piece of obsidian (appraised at 5gp)
star rose quartz (50 gp)
coral (100 gp)

Other valuables:
embroidered linen blanket (worth 10gp)
copper horn (worth 30gp)
small painted harp (worth 100gp)
fine satin belt (worth 5gp)
granite dice (10 gp)
velvet cloak (400 gp)
solid gold idol of tiger (400 gp)
peacock feather mask (60 gp)
solid gold idol, looks like an ostrich (8") (appraised at 800gp)
copper anklet (worth 30gp)
copper horn (worth 60gp)

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